IEP Timeline: From the National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities

Day 1

The school receives parental consent for an evaluation. 


60 days later

The school district has 60 days to determine whether the child is eligible. 


30 days after eligibility review

If the child is eligible, an IEP meeting must be occur within 30 days of the eligibility decision. 


10 days before IEP

A parent must receive notice of an IEP meeting within 10 days of the meeting. 


Day of IEP meeting

The Individualized Education Program Meeting. 


10 days after IEP

In order to preserve the previous IEP or take advantage of “stay put,” a parent has 10 days after the IEP meeting to decide if they agree or not. 


1 year after IEP

A review of the IEP occurs at least once a year. 


3 years after eligibility review

An eligibility review occurs at least every three years and requires another evaluation. 


Modification of IEP

After a parent requests a modification of the IEP, a school district must respond to the request within 10 days. 


Independent evaluation

If the school district agrees to pay for an independent evaluation, then a parent has 30 days to complete it unless the parent is granted an extension.The written result of the evaluation shall be considered by the IEP team. The school district shall send notice reconvening the IEP team within 10 days of receiving the evaluation or once the parent requests a meeting.